Fast and effective way to inspect process lines internally without extensive dismantling of the system.




Using our state of the art LongSteer® Pneumatic Video Probe system BCS Inc. offers a fast and effective way to inspect process lines internally without extensive dismantling of the system. The service includes a detailed inspection report plus images captured on VHS tape that will allow the customer to:

1) Validate that internal welds conform to ASME BPE 2014. Weld defects that do not conform show up immediately on our high resolution display including: -lack of fusion -cracks -undercut -crater crack -burn through -icicles -porosity –discoloration.

2) Assess the integrity of process lines and insure piping and heat exchangers are free of pitting, rouging, localized corrosion, cracking or scaling.

3) Search interior piping and vessels for foreign material and contamination sources.



The probe’s construction is of a tungsten braid with a polyurethane coating creating a very flexible unit that will travel with ease through multiple pipe bends. The tungsten has been treated with the polyurethane coating so as not to harm internal surfaces.

A pneumatically controlled articulating 360º viewing head insures accurate inspections throughout the pipe. This degree of articulation performance is not possible with conventional cable steering mechanisms because of the friction incurred when long-length cables move through bends and coils. That friction causes the cables to bend and buckle. The LongSteer’s® pneumatic design overcomes these problems by pushing air, instead of cables, through the probe length.

Hi-Lux Metal Halide Arc Lamp Light Source offers uniform Xenon-quality lighting with color temperature of 5500° K.

Small 10mm diameter viewing head.

Interchangeable tip adapters with the following views available:
-Forward View, Wide Angle (field of view 100%).
-Side View, Wide Angle (field of view 100%).

Unique capability to leave the probe coiled while viewing. This enables us to uncoil only the length of probe needed for inspection and allow work in confined areas.

Colour image allows accurate analysis of interior surface conditions.