Experts in derouging utilizing proprietary chemistry that removes all rouge types that prolongs the life of equipment and systems.


Rouging is an ongoing maintenance issue for pharmaceutical companies that operate stainless steel systems with high purity water running at elevated temperatures. This would include but not limited to vapor compression stills, multi-effect stills, clean steam generators, steam piping systems, WFI and Purified water systems operating above ambient temperatures.

The combination of high temperature and pure water/steam will often allow the formation of iron oxides that proliferate throughout the systems in question creating a reddish layer on the surface of the stainless steel. There may also be an organic layer that forms on top of the iron oxide to make removal more difficult. If left alone the contamination may grow to such a level as to allow sloughing off of the iron oxide into the water stream and may also start to pit the surface of the stainless steel. The surface corrosion may eventually contribute to increased microbial contamination and further deterioration of the stainless surface.

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