Chemical sanitization method for pure water systems.


" Recent studies have demonstrated that nearly all high purity piping systems will form biofilms with time. This has proven true even for fluorocarbon piping systems. This biofilm will intermittently shed microorganisms into the water and will contribute to particulate levels, bacteria levels and total organic carbon levels. These contaminants can adversely affect your product, your product yields, your lab results and the service run lengths of your DI water filters.

Normal maintenance of water distribution systems and RO membranes requires routine cleaning and disinfection to prevent bacterial growth. Microbial contaminants commonly found in feed water will decrease the operating efficiency of RO membranes, lower membrane flux and thereby increase the cost of producing high purity water. Fouling microorganisms may actually destroy some RO membranes by promoting decomposition of the membrane polymer. Bacterial growth acceleration, particularly during periods of shutdown, requires a microbiocidal agent to control growth and protect the water system.'" *

To this aim, BCS Inc. has developed a chemical sanitization method for pure water systems.

*this information supplied by FibercorĀ®.

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